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Our Story


From the early 1920s though the 1960s, Dallas, TX was known as the cornerstone of the garment industry. During this era, local brands labeled their pieces “Made in Dallas,” which was synonymous with quality manufacturing and handsome design. While the transition to overseas manufacturing has taken a toll on this industry in our beloved city, we believe Boulevard East is a key player in the rejuvenation of the design and manufacturing industries in our hometown.  

Our ethos at Boulevard East is deeply rooted in the life we live and the company we keep. We strive to create a brand which is focused, not just on the products we create, but around a life well lived and a journey worth sharing with others.

Our philosophy of - Find Your Journey - is an approach which extends far beyond our day-to-day business as we strive to create classic products focused on long-term identity, not fast-fashion trends. Our authenticity is felt with every interaction, conversation and communication with our customers. We promise to produce functional products that make the most of their design, and we promise to always remain transparent and deliberate when selecting supplier and manufacturing partners. 

We currently make all small leather goods by hand at our Knox-Henderson shop, right in the heart of Dallas, Texas. While we call it a shop, you might more commonly recognize it as a garage. Tomato-Tomato.

Our long-term goals are to produce everything as close to home as possible, but sometimes even the best need to ask for help. We found the perfect group in Los Angeles to produce our line of duffel bags.  We hold them to the same high-quality standards we hold ourselves to everyday and truly believe you will love your journey with every single one of our products.


Made in Dallas  -  Made in USA  -  Find Your Journey



Our Leathers

English Bridle Leather

Since 1867, Wickett & Craig has dedicated their business to making superior, vegetable-tanned leathers.

Naturally crafted in the USA and environmentally friendly, their leathers are recognized for their quality, durability and rich finishes.

Labor-intensive and incredibly appealing, English Bridle is a traditional leather with a variety of uses, from classic equestrian gear to luxury leather goods.

Drum dyed and hot stuffed, English Bridle is smooth, flexible and durable with a flawless, even surface.


signature Windsor Leather

Only the finest French hides are hand-selected and custom finished uniquely for Boulevard East at our European tannery to create our signature line of veg tan leathers. 

In fact, only a small percentage of the world's finest leathers meet our high standards.

We’re obsessed with crafting the finest leather goods in the world, and it all begins here.