Leather Care

Our leathers will absorb and hold a wide variety of conditioners, oils and polishes.  While we recommend a few options below, please test these options on an inconspicuous area before applying to the entire item.

o    Surface Dirt: simply wipe clean with a soft dry cloth

o    Stain Removal: using a damp cloth, gently rub in circular motion on the spotted area // allow damp leather to dry naturally // do not use heat to expedite drying time as this will damage natural fibers and oils in the leather

o    Minor Scuffs: apply small amount of high quality mink or neatsfoot oil to a soft cloth // gently rub into the affected area

o    Leather Conditioning: depending on how often your leather items are used, we recommend applying a high quality leather conditioner such as Chamberlains Leather Milk to your items no more than twice annually in order to supplement the natural oils of the leather

Returns & Exchanges

o   Returns:  You may return any full-price Boulevard East item within 14 days of the date you received your order // products must not be used or damaged in any way // please contact us HERE for all returns // 

o   Exchanges: Please ship exchanged products in original packaging // shipping labels will be provided once you contact us HERE for all exchanges

o   International Orders: All sales are final

Warranty & Repairs

o   Warranty & Repairs:  All products come with a 12-month warranty from time of purchase for material and craftsmanship defects // please contact us HERE for warranty claims

o   Repairs: Boulevard East offers in-house repair services for damaged products  // any repairs related to hardware will be assessed at time of warranty claim in order to determine best course of action // some hardware related issues will incur no charge depending on situation // please contact us HERE for repairs

General Inquiries

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