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Boulevard East vs Hurricane Harvey

Our ethos at Boulevard East is deeply rooted in the life we live and the company we keep. We strive to create a brand which is focused not just on the products we create, but around a life well lived and a journey worth sharing with others.

As stated in our About page, our philosophy of - Find Your Journey - is an approach which extends far beyond our day-to-day business and has become an integral part of our everyday life.

The word “journey”, as we see it, is the passage from one stage in life to another, defined by the entirety of time spent between each stage. Too many of us lose track of time, and become engrossed in the end results.  We have all heard the terms "don't let life pass you by" and "grab life by the horns", but how many of us really make that leap into the present?  

How many of us have dropped everything to help a stranger or loved one in need at an especially inconvenient time?

Texas is home to more than 27 Million people, most of whom are strangers, but many who we get to call family and friends.

As you very well know by now, our great state was sucker punched by Hurricane Harvey, leaving millions of Texans flooded, hungry and homeless. As of now, final damage estimates are in excess of $100+ BILLION for our neighbors in the south. It's now time for us to grab that bull by the horns and let Hurricane Harvey know he was nothing but a rain storm.

Our families have personally contributed time and finances to assist with recovery efforts, but we know there's so much more to be done. That's why, for the month of September, you will be helping those in need when you purchase a Boulevard East item because we are donating 20% of everything we sell to the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. We are also offering free shipping on all orders as our gift to you.

Find your Journey with Boulevard East and help us rebuild this great state we call home.

-Joe Bardwell, cofounder

Made in Dallas - Made in USA - Find Your Journey